Mambukal Mountain Resort, Murcia Negros Occidental

For those who possess the spirit of adventure, mountain resorts are favorite places to hang out and unwind. In the Philippines, however, the idea of having an exciting vacation in a hospitality establishment up in the mountains is relatively new. Most Filipinos are accustomed to equate vacations with beaches, trips to Disneyland, or trips to air-conditioned shopping malls anyway, which can be quite boring in the long run. But with more and more folks embracing the idea of going somewhere less-trodden but exciting and unique, the popularity of mountain resorts has exponentially increased nowadays.

Mambukal Resort in Murcia, Negros Occidental is one of the most popular mountain resorts in the Philippines. At 1,200 meters above sea level, it is also one of the highest mountain resorts, serving as a gateway—or an exit, depending where you came from—to the vast and verdant Mt. Kanlaon National Park. Mambukal Resort boasts of a perfect blend of natural features and man-made amenities that can provide fun, excitement, and relaxation for everyone.


1. For an estimated budget of a trip to Mambukal as well as bus-trip schedules, check out the Seven Waterfalls of Mambukal post.

2. For more information about Mambukal Resort, please check the Mambukal Resort website.

3. For reservations or if you wish to get in touch with Mambukal Resort, please use the following details:

  • Address: Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines
  • Telefax: +63 (34) 473-0610

Since Mambukal Resort is owned by the government, you can also contact their resort office at:

  • Address: 2F North Wing, Old Capitol Building, North Capitol Road, Bacolod City
  • Phone: +63 (34) 709-0990
  • Telefax: +63 (34) 433-8516

4. Except for the food you will order, a government-issued official receipt is issued every time you avail of an amenity or facility. That means, part of your money goes to the government’s coffers.

5. If you want to avail of most or all of the amenities, facilities and rides in Mambukal, then we recommend visiting the resort during weekends. During weekdays, there are so few guests that most of the rides and facilities don’t have any personnel manning the stations (that’s why we weren’t able to get up the climbing wall). On weekdays, amenities are usually available upon request.

Of course, if you want some peace and quiet, then by all means, stay in the resort during weekdays. It’s such a serene feeling to be all alone with Mother Nature as your companion.

6. Note that the warm sulfur dipping pool, one of Mambukal’s main attractions, is closed on Tuesdays for maintenance.

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